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Events and Colloquium

Fall 2014

Unless otherwise noted, colloquium meets every Friday at 3:05 pm in 26 Ozark Hall, the auditorium. All meetings are subject to change.

August 29 

Introduction to Faculty and Students followed by Back-to-School Picnic

 September 5

Daniel Wagner, USGS -Trends in Precipitation, Streamflow, Reservoir Pool Elevations, and Reservoir Releases in Arkansas and Selected Sites in Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma, 1951-2011

 September 12

Dave Stahle, University of Arkansas faculty - Amazonian tree-ring chronologies for climate and streamflow reconstruction

 September 19

Max Torbenson, University of Arkansas, GEOS PhD candidate - Broken time - Asychrony between Holocene chronologies?

 September 26

Walt Manger, University of Arkansas, The Grand Canyon - Forty Years Enjoying its Geology and Wondering About its Origin

October 3

GEOS Advisory Board meeting, 8:00-3:00 pm
Daniel Allen, Core Lab, Unconventional Analyses for Unconventional Rocks:  Core Analysis

October 4

The University of Arkansas Research Conference in Ozark Hall

October 10

Matt Covington, University of Arkansas

 October 17

No colloquium

 October 24

Amelia Shevenell

October 31

Katherine Knierim, University of Arkansas, General Geology at the University of Arkansas: What We Are Doing, What Works, and What Challenges

 November 7

David Rodgers, Idaho State University, Hot Spots, Weak Rocks and Dense Gabbro - Crustal Deformation in the Wake of the Yellowstone Hotspot

November 14 

Kim Smith, University of Arkansas, Biological Sciences, Early  Natural History Observations in Arkansas 1805-1845, with special reference to Friedrich Gerstacker

Monday,  November 17

Jennifer Pharr Davis

 November 28

no colloquium

 December 5


December 11

GEOS Chili Cook Off

December 12

Dead Day